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This Poodle, named Luke, knows exactly when is owner is going to bed. And although Luke has a nice comfy bed in the living room to sleep in, he'd rather follow his owner off to her bedroom…as dogs do. He doesn't want to be left out!

How does he know it's time for bed? It's actually very clever. Watch the video below to find out.

Pretty smart, Luke! As soon as the TV turns off, this pup knows it's bed time. Even when he seems to be asleep, as soon as the TV is off, Luke is up and running off to bed. Luke certainly has his owner figured out!

It's amazing how intelligent dogs are. They continue to surprise us on a daily basis. Poodles, in particular, are known for their intelligence, among many other things.

This is why you see so many Poodles competing in dog sports.

Like this dog, named Kasha.

Watch her incredible agility run.

Wow, Kasha! That was awesome. She jumps so high.

Agility is one of the most popular canine sports. And watching this video, you can see why. This sport challenges your dog, keeping his mind and body active. It's also great exercise and bonding time for the owner as well. Interested in getting involved? Learn more here.

And check out highlights from the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship for a little inspiration.
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