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Ah, puppy life. There isn't anything better. Just ask these Poodle pup siblings. They're only three-months-old, but they're already learning to fetch and they're doing a pretty good job. They even have their teamwork down. After all, everything (including fetch) is better when you do it with a friend.

Check them out as they chase after a soft disk.


How adorable are these guys, Zoey and Joey?! They're too precious and so small! Our favorite part of this video? When the pups bring the disk back to their owner together, each holding a part in his/her mouth. It's SO cute. Need tips on teaching your dog to fetch and retriever? We've got you covered.

Want to see another super smart Poodle doing his thing? Meet Biscuit!

Biscuit can do a wide variety of tricks. He can do something as simple as stay and something as complicated as jump over his owner's legs. He's a pretty impressive Poodle!


Way to go, Biscuit! This guy is living up to the Poodle standard, as the breed is known as exceptionally smart and excels in training. For training tips to teach your super smart dog, click here.


Already mastered all of these skills? Maybe it's time you got involved in a dog sport, like Obedience. Learn more about this fun and challenging event below.


Looking to celebrate the Poodle in your life? Check out our Poodle specific-products on the AKC Shop. We have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. You'll be able to find something you and your dog will love, we guarantee it!
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