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Some dogs (and people) hate having their picture taken…but not this Pomeranian. He loves posing for the camera and in this video he's all ready for his closeup.

Watch Flint as he poses for a photographer and smiles on command. It's downright precious.

How adorable is he? And smart too!

Want to teach your dog some neat tricks you'll love to show off? Learn how here.

And while Flint is smiling away, Timka is ready to play. She has a favorite toy, a teddy bear, and gets really excited to play with it.

See her adorable energy below.

Nothing cuter than a playful pup. Find a toy your dog will love like Timka and her teddy bear on the AKC Shop. We have tug toys, plush toys, interactive toys, and more.

Learn more about the lively, bold, and inquisitive Pom in this video:
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