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While at work, Maximus has a pretty big job to do. The two-year-old German Shepherd Dog works in patrol and drug detection as the K9 partner of Vermont State Trooper Nicholas Arlington. It’s dangerous work, but last October, he was given a free stab- and bullet-proof vest from Vested Interest in K9s, a nonprofit committed to outfitting working dogs with ballistic vests.

Although his job is very serious, Maximus and Arlington enjoy giving the public a glimpse into the life of a police dog through Maximus’s own Instagram account.

And surprisingly, his photos aren’t much different from what you’d expect from one of your human friends.

Like his human counterparts, he posts funny memes of himself:


Brags about sporting events:


And pretty cool training events:


He also takes goofy selfies:


Some REALLY goofy ones:


But he also takes his job very seriously:


He’s doing his best to serve and protect:


Even in his sleep:


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