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What's the cutest thing you can think of? Got it? Okay. Well be prepared to change your mind…because we have the most adorable video that we guarantee will be your new favorite.

What is this video? Oh, it's just a video of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, standing on a rock, in a propeller hat. It's even cuter than it sounds. Check it out.

Now try and tell us this video didn't make your day. It's so simple, yet so precious. Just a perfect Pembroke in a perfect hat. Where did he get that hat, we wonder.

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Want to see another fun and adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi video? We know you do.

The dog in this video is just hanging out with some friends. Stuffed animal friends that is. What's cuter than a Corgi hanging with some stuffed animals? A smiling Corgi hanging with some stuffed animals. This guy has quite the grin. See it below.

Is that not the most precious smile you've ever seen? So cute.

Do you know everything there is to know about this smart, alert, and affectionate dog? Test your knowledge with 7 Fun Facts about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
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