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Everyone loves the German Shepherd Dog. That's why he's America's #2 breed and one of the most recognizable dogs around. So if you love the GSD, you'll really love what we've got in store for you today…namely, 20 of the most paw-esome German Shepherd memes around.

They're funny, they're relatable, they're adorable, and most importantly, they embody the confident, courageous, smart (and sometimes goofy), nature of this dog.

Check 'em out.


There's no sleeping in when you're a dog owner, German Shepherd owner or otherwise. Unless of course you have a really lazy dog. Because when your dog wakes up, you wake up. If you have a big dog, like a GSD, who can reach your bed, you're probably woken up by a wet nose or slurping tongue. Maybe a bark. Regardless, when they decide it's wake up time, you're up.

Uh, oh! This pupper is in trouble. What could he have possibly done wrong? Chewed a shoe, perhaps? Well, raising a puppy isn't easy and sometimes you gotta lay down the paw. And by lay down the paw, we mean give him things that are OK to chew and put away those that are not. That way, all's good in puppyville.


While studies trying to determine if dogs can feel jealousy are complex, dog owners will probably tell you the answer is simple: Yes, they can. Just take this meme. We all know how our dogs react when they see us petting another dog. They get jealous. After all, you're their person and they often don't want to share you with anyone else! And can you blame them? Your bond is something special, after all.



Look at those pearly whites! Somebody's been brushing. How funny is this GSD? That face would get our attention too. Dogs do the darndest things to get our attention when they want it… bark, run around, jump in your lap, and more. This is certainly one of the most creative ways we've seen!


Don't mess with a well-trained and mission-driven K-9 who has caught you in the act. If you did the crime, you gotta do the time. GSDs are one of the most popular breeds trained as K-9 officers. They can be trained for a variety of responsibilities like apprehension, detection, and search and rescue.


If you were a cat and saw this doggo chasing after you, you probably wouldn't be so keen on being friends either. However, while popular culture always pits dogs and cats against each other, many dogs and cats get along just fine…even if the dog is as big as this GSD. Check out our tips on how to keep your dog from chasing the cat, here.


Somebody needs to tell this GSD that while Snoopy may have an AKC Registration Certificate, he isn't actually real. And that's probably why it's so easy for him to sit on top of the dog house. As for this GSD, it isn't an easy feat, nor does it look particularly comfortable. We'd stick to fluffy and comfy beds instead, Mr. Doggo.


A post shared by Ohi Life (@ohilife) on May 30, 2017 at 9:44pm PDT

Sometimes, as well-trained as our dogs are, they just don't want to listen. Some dogs are more stubborn than others, but they all have their moments. You try, but it seems like all they hear is “blah, blah, blah.” And since we don't actually speak dog, that may be, in fact, what they hear no matter what we say. Guess we gotta work on our communication skills, huh?


Awww. Look at this little pup. He's just hanging out on the shelf. Pups always do seem to find the funniest places to lounge. You better be careful though, pup. You won't fit on that shelf for long


Since German Shepherds have a thick double short coat, they're frequent shedders. Buuuuut, if you brush them on a daily basis, you'll find less of those “magical fibers of joy and love” cluttering your house. As much as they might be filled with joy and love, they're not great for allergy sufferers or for a neat and tidy house. So get to brushing!


It's OK sad pupper, everything will be alright. Why do humans have to do things like that? It's not very nice, is it? At least this GSD has someone to comfort her. And if we had to guess, she'll be right back to playing in a second. Puppy energy and such. Check out games (other than ball-chasing) to challenge your pup here.



A post shared by Keeva (@keeva_gsd) on Jan 13, 2016 at 2:43pm PST

This is the face of a guilty doggo. “The trash can tipped over everywhere,” she says. Somehow we don't believe it…and we don't think her owner does either. Looks like Keeva's been dumpster diving. Why is it that some dogs will eat almost anything? Find out here.


Look out everybody! Here comes the undercover K-9 unit. They may be dressed in plain clothes, but they're still on duty. You'll never see them coming, they just look like your regular, everyday dudes. You may think they'd need to be able to see to hunt down suspects, but luckily for them, they're dogs…and they can sniff 'em out!



A post shared by Kelly Harris (@skape2212) on Feb 2, 2015 at 5:16pm PST

Wow! This German Shepherd is looking good and he knows it. He's taking up the whole bed and he isn't ashamed for one minute. If you're gunna do it, might as well own it, right? Did you know that according to an AKC survey, 45% of people let their dog sleep in the bed with them? There wouldn't be much sharing with this GSD…not much room for anyone else once he's made himself comfortable!



A post shared by Jawsh Cornejo (@joshuarcornejo) on Mar 19, 2016 at 4:19am PDT

When you have a big dog like a GSD, plush, squeaky toys don't last very long. You've really gotta find a toy with some substance for these expert chewers. Rope toys and hard rubber toys are great for dogs who will destroy a plush toy instantly. Check out some of our favorites here.



A post shared by Missy.Bear.GSD (@missy.bear.gsd) on Apr 30, 2017 at 11:07am PDT

Look at this little pupper! He may be small, but he's already thinking about the finer things in life, like treats. And can you blame him? Treats are one of the best parts of puppy life, after naps, playtime, and belly rubs, of course.



A post shared by @themajorlegend on Jul 26, 2015 at 11:46pm PDT

This is the best part of coming home everyday…your dog's excitement when you come through the door. There's no other feeling like it. The GSD in this meme looks like he's flying he's running so fast. Anything to get to see his owner sooner.


It's like they do it on purpose. As soon as they're super clean, our dogs feel the need to get super dirty. Roll in the mud, the grass, dirt, whatever is available, they're always ready to completely ruin a perfectly good bath. And once they get all dirty again, bath time becomes even more difficult. Why doggos why?!?


Is this pupper not one of the cutest you've ever seen? Somebody get this little guy an application for the K-9 unit, stat. He looks like he would make a great officer, especially once he grows up, starts training, and finds himself a human partner. Learn more about K-9s and their training here.


Forget a dog bed, this German Shepherd has made himself very comfortable in a cardboard box…which is a very cat-like thing to do. Maybe this GSD has learned from some cats in his household, or maybe he just decided the box looked like a comfy place to hang out. Personally, we think a nice, plushy bed would be better…but we're not dogs, what do we know?!


What do you think? In the mood for more memes in your life? Check out our dog memes, Golden Retriever memes, and Siberian Husky memes. And when you're done, share your favorites with us on Facebook!
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