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Tami Stigall
Rub-a-dub-dub, relaxing in my tub!
Judi Gullickson
"Hey, Abe, stop trying to steal the spotlight."
Lori Lumpkin
Cool as a cucumber.
Joyce Thomas
"I don't need this festive headband to be adorable, but it's certainly not hurting."
Charlene Grant
"Oh, you found me? I was trying so hard to blend in."
Nancie Capozzi
Sophia Grey
These five Giant Schnauzers deserve their own Fourth of July parade float.
English toy spaniel July 4th
Jessica Freni
American Bulldog July 4th
Robert Kerr
"I'll take my hotdog now, please."
Michele Ward
This Boxer is giving new meaning to the phrase, "Sitting pretty."
Tracy Koskela
Eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies = our cup of tea.
American Water Spaniel US Flag
Gerda Smith
When you take your flag-holding duties VERY seriously.

In honor of Fourth of July, we asked readers to submit photos of their pups showing off their patriotic side — and they didn’t disappoint! While we think all dogs are extremely ‘grammable, 13 adorable images captured the essence of Independence Day. But before you click through our gallery, here are a few tips for creating your own holiday-inspired dog photos.

Use soft props that won’t annoy your dog. A few dog owners used American flag-themed fabrics to set the tone for their pictures.

Stick to wearable pieces. Just like you, dogs don’t like uncomfortable get-ups. Felt outfits or dog bandanas like the ones featured in our gallery typically do not restrict movement, but they should only be worn under supervision.

Limit the amount of time your dog is wearing accessories made for people. Some dogs can tolerate things like sunglasses, hats, Mardi Gras beads, or costume headbands for a few moments. But for your furry friend’s safety and comfort, items should be taken off promptly after you snap a couple of quick photos.

We hope you enjoy a dog-friendly Fourth of July!
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