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This adorable Corgi named Frodo gets the surprise of a lifetime when his owners bring home a mystery box.

Frodo the Corgi is loved by his owners very much. That’s why when his parents arrive home with a mystery box, it’s not shocking that it’s the best surprise they could’ve come up with.

After investigating and gathering the courage to see what’s inside, Frodo the Corgi gets the reveal of a lifetime when he sees another Corgi puppy named Thor! Thor isn’t just any puppy, though. He’s Frodo’s real-life brother, coming from the same parents but a different litter.

How lucky are Frodo and Thor? Check out their first time meeting each other below.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an alert and affectionate breed that's low-set, but strong. Learn more about the breed here.

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This Corgi got a new friend too… kind of…
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