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Catching treats in your mouth is a little more complicated than you might think…just ask Samson the Newfoundland! While some dogs can learn to catch with ease, Samson needs a little extra practice in eye-mouth coordination. Here he is, practicing with his owner and let's just say it takes a few adorable mishaps before he can get the hang of it.

Watch below.


No wonder Newfies are known for their patience! Samson just keeps trying until he finally gets it right. He isn't bothered at all (like most of us humans would be) that he is missing; he just keeps on going. And we have to say, while we're glad he's got the hang of it, his misses are pretty hilarious, especially in slow-motion.

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Want to see another one of Samson's adorable learning adventures? Of course you do! Here, Samson and his family practice playing hide and seek (as well as going down the stairs). Again, it takes Samson a minute to figure it out, but watch what happens when he does.


Samson gets so excited when he finally realizes where Sierra is! It's too cute and pretty impressive. At first he seems a little perplexed, but as Sierra keeps calling him he quickly finds where she is hiding. So adorable.

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And if you're looking for even more fun tricks to do with your dog, check our trick guides on the AKC Shop! You and your dog will love them and be experts in no time. If you think you're already on your game, you should take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. CGC is recognized as the gold standard for behavior training and is a great start for getting involved in therapy work or dog sports.

Lean more about CGC in the video below.
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