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This lawn is mostly grassy, there's just one Newfie-sized patch of snow that has yet to melt. And where does this pupper decide to lay down? Not on the nice grass of course, but on the snow! Nothing's too cold for this Newf!

Check out Sebastian enjoying the last little bit of winter below.

How cute is he? He clearly loves the snow, as he's basically face-planted himself into it. And it makes sense, Newfies are all-purpose working dogs who are used to swimming through cold waters for rescue missions. The cold never bothered Sebastian anyway.

Looking for the perfect way to show your love for the sweet, devoted, and patient Newfoundland? Check out Newfie products on the AKC Shop! There's mugs, phone cases, and even jewelry. We're sure you'll find something you'll love.

Speaking of Newfie-love, what's better than a video of a beautiful Newfoundland?

A beautiful Newfie and a breathtaking view, of course. Watch as Samson hangs out among an incredible backdrop of beach and palm trees.

Amazing, right? Samson is one handsome dog who, we're sure, loves to be out and about with his owner. Looking for tips on getting out and being active with your pup? We've got some ideas, here.

And in celebration of our love for Newfs, and dogs in general, check out this video.
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