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Are you searching for the perfect name for a new dog? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of Irish names, along with their meanings. You don’t have to be Irish to give your dog one of these names; you can choose one that’s descriptive of your dog’s coat, eye color, or temperament. Or, knowing the meaning of the name, maybe it’ll be your family’s little in-joke. And there are plenty of names to choose from!


Let’s start with some easy ones:

Patrick: St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland
Clover (or for a male dog, Shamrock): not only is the four-leaf clover an Irish national emblem, but we know it brings good luck
Guinness: this black-gold stout is famous around the world and one of the best-selling alcoholic drinks in Ireland
Shandy: another popular Irish drink, it’s beer mixed with a soft drink
Brady: a common Irish surname, it means spirited
Bridget: strong
Finn or Finnegan: white, fair. Take it a bit further and go with Finley: a fair-haired hero.
Kerry: dark princess
Conor: strong willed or wise “Hound lover.”
Clancy: ruddy warrior
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Maybe you prefer a more exotic-sounding name. Although common in Ireland, these are more unusual choices here in the United States for your dog’s name.

Rogan: redhead
Neala (nee-la): female champion
Roisin (ro-sheen): little rose
Maeve: goddess of song
Aidan: little fiery one
Aoife (ee-fa): beautiful, radiant
Lorcan: little wild one
Dermot: free man
Fineen: beautiful child
Meara: happy
Sorley: Viking or summer traveler
Bidelia: exalted one
Anlon: champion
Eamon: guardian
Mirna: tender
Covey: hound of the plains
Elroy: red-haired youth
Phelan: joyful
Quigley: unruly hair
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With so many names to choose from, surely one of the Irish names describes your dog perfectly. And, with (Irish) luck, your dog may be the only Lorcan or Neala at the dog park.


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