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This Miniature Schnauzer may only be a year old, but he's already got his boogie shoes on. While dogs normally walk on their four feet, Albert gets up on his hind legs and dances like there's no tomorrow. It's a pretty neat trick and certainly worth a round of applause. Watch below.


Not bad, right?! We wouldn't mind being this guy's dancing partner, that's for sure. Want to teach your dog some super fun tricks like this? Check out our trick guide here.

And while Albert is dancing his little heart out, the Miniature Schnauzer in this next video is straight up snoozing. This little guy is clearly exhausted.


How cute is that? We wonder what he's dreaming about…treats, perhaps? Or maybe a nice, relaxing walk in the park? Maybe he's just dreaming about napping. That's right! Dogs do, in fact, dream just like we do. Learn more about doggy dreaming here.


Looking to celebrate the friendly and smart Miniature Schnauzer in your life? Check out our Miniature Schnauzer specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. Whatever your dog prefers, we've got just the thing!

Need more tips on showing your dog just how much you love him?

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