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Golden Retriever Cricket and Tortoise Larry Are BFFs

Christine Hill’s dog, Cricket, is a classic Golden Retriever. He’s silly, fun, loving, devoted, and friendly…even towards those who may be a little different. Like Larry the African spurred tortoise, for example.

Hill rescued Larry from an Animal Center where he was being bullied by four other tortoises, who were all fighting for the affection of one female tortoise, National Geographic reports.

She brought him home and while at first he was “in defense mode,” he quickly took a liking to Cricket.

When the two first met, “It was almost like they were chatting,” Hill told National Geographic. Cricket laid down next to Larry, and the tortoise was completely at ease, she said.

“Since that day, they’ve been inseparable.”

Hill recounts the adventures of the unlikely best friends on her Instagram @fozzcook. The pair do everything from dressing up together, sharing watermelon, to just lounging around.

We might see it as an unusual friendship, but Cricket and Larry would beg to differ. See some adorable videos and photos of the pair of BFFs below.

Just chilling with my bud! 🐢🐶 #larryandcricket #weeklyfluff

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Duuuude……..We're going skating bruh… 😎 #larryandcricket

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