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What's cuter than a puppy? A sleeping puppy! And what's cuter than a sleeping puppy? A sleeping Samoyed puppy, snoring, of course!

And if these things weren't cute enough, the sleeping Samoyed pup in this video is named Marshmallow. What a perfect name for a beautiful, white, fluffy dog!

In true puppy-fashion, Marshmallow is taking a delightful snooze, no doubt after a full day of exploring and playing. If you listen closely, you can hear his adorable snores and watch his little nose twitch back and forth. It's downright precious.

Is this not the cutest sleeping pup you've ever seen?! You can't say your day isn't better now that you've watched Marshmallow taking a little puppy nap. What do you think this guy is dreaming about? Yup, dogs do, in fact, dream. If we had to guess, he's probably dreaming of treats and belly rubs. Learn more about dog dreaming, here.

If Marshmallow hasn't overwhelmed you with puppy cuteness for the day, then you'll have to meet Loukia and Koumal. Loukia is a Samoyed pup and Koumal is a Maine Coon kitten. They're just hanging out, snuggling, and being the cutest couple we've ever seen.

Did you “awwwww” when you saw these two? We sure did. We honestly don't know if we can handle them; they just are too adorable and good-natured! Who ever said dogs and cats don't get along?! Well, whoever it was obviously had never seen Loukia and Koumal.

Looking for a great way to celebrate your adorable dog or maybe dog-and-cat-duo? Check out all the toys, beds, and other fun products we have on the AKC Shop. No matter what you're searching for, we're sure you'll find something perfect for you and your pup. Check it out!

And in celebration of the dog with the coat that “glistens with a silver sheen,” aka the Samoyed, check out other white-haired beauties in this video.
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