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It's playtime for these Labrador Retriever puppies. Well, at least two of the pups. The third one is more interested in taking a nap…but his siblings are disturbing him!

These three are just too cute. Even as the two play, they're pretty lazy about it…and who can blame them? They're puppies! And being a puppy, experiencing new things, it can be pretty tiring. No wonder that third pup wants to take a nap.

So sweet. Puppies are just the absolute cutest. And you have to cherish the moments of puppyhood, because before you know it, they've grown before your very eyes.

How long does it take pups to become full grown? Well, it's different for every dog and usually depends on the size of your breed. Learn more about puppy growth, here.

And here's a full-grown Lab who's showing off his tricks. This Black Lab's name is George and he is happy as a clam. He's just hanging out with his owner, practicing his wave, speak, and down. Check him out.

Amazing! Looks like George is a very good boy. He's really got that “speak” down. And his focus is impeccable; he watches his owner carefully throughout their whole mini-training session. Way to go George.

Interested in teaching your dog some fun new tricks like “spin” or “bow?” Find out how, here.

Or how about teaching him how to high-five? Learn how in the video below.
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