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This curious Labrador Retriever puppy has found an unusual friend. Who is this friend and what is he doing?

Watch the video to find out.

The little pup wants his reflection to come out and play. It's adorable; he wags his tail and does a little puppy whine. This mirror phenomenon to happen a lot with puppies. Can dogs recognize themselves?

This pup doesn't seem to. But find out more about that here.

Maybe this Lab's family will have to get him a real puppy friend to play with. When they're ready, of course. They'll have to check out AKC Marketplace for Lab puppies, or whichever breed they decide is right for them!

Want to see another adorable Lab video?

We know you do.

This Yellow Lab is having the time of her life. What's so great you ask? Answer: why snow of course!

There's nothing better than playing fetch in the snow. Right, Luna?

Looking to teach your dog to play fetch or need the perfect ball to play with? You've come to the right place.

Learn how to teach your dog fetch, here.

And for all your ball, frisbee, and tug toy needs, check out the Play section of the AKC Shop.
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