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For the first few weeks of her life, Dakota the Siberian Husky has been content with living her life at the top of the stairs and being toted around. But that's about to change. Armed with treats and steely determination, her owner is convinced that he can get her to climb down the stairs.

First, he places a treat on the step below her, which she happily reaches down and laps up…only to move back up to the top stair. He then gets a little more ambitious and places the treats two stairs down, an action that makes Dakota barks in protest. This back and forth continues for a while until finally her owner gives up and let's her be. Maybe this puppy could teach her a thing or two.

Watch Dakota's journey below.

And for good measure, because puppies going up the stairs is also cute, check out this Pug going up the stairs in a most peculiar fashion…
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