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It's amazing how quickly dogs can learn and the variety of different jobs and tasks they can do. There are dogs that pull sleds and carts, perform water rescues, and even find missing people. Sometimes, however, our dogs can be a little too clever for their own good.

Like this Siberian Husky, for example. He's figured out how to use the ice machine in his owner's refrigerator. How did he achieve such a task? Simply by watching his owner use it, of course.

It's a pretty neat trick. Check it out!

Impressive! His owner better watch out, this 5-month-old pup is one smart cookie. And he's already showing his mischievous-Husky personality.

Want to teach your dog some more traditional tricks, like to high-five? Spending time a little time each day training your dog keeps his mind active and prevents destructive behaviors like chewing. Learn a range of tricks you can teach your dog here.

And while that Husky is enjoying ice from the refrigerator, Hugo is arguing with his owner about coming down the stairs. Hear his mouthy protests below.

Hugo certainly does not want to cooperate with his owner's requests. We've all been there, Hugo. And of course, we have to appreciate that Husky howl. It's unlike any other.

Why do dogs howl? There are many reasons, and it's not always not wanting to move, like in Hugo's case. Learn more about howling hounds, here.

And to make your day even better, we have one last adorable Husky video for you.

“Meet the Siberian Husky” below.
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