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Do you practice trick training with your dog? If you do, you know that it challenges your dog and it's tons of fun!

Just ask Gunnar the Husky and his owner. Gunnar is basically a trick expert. He can even balance a treat on his nose. This trick requires both balance and self-control…and Gunnar is a master. Check it out.


Way to go, Gunnar! That's some trick. He's basically as still as a statue…we're not even sure we could pull that off. Want to try some fun tricks with your dog?! We've got tips on everything from beginner to advanced. Check out our trick guide here.

And while Gunnar is statue-still, this Husky is full of crazy, wild energy. His owner just wants to stay in bed, but this guy wants to play! He comes running in full speed to try and pull his lazy owner out of bed.


Man does that doggo fly! He is determined to convince his owner to play. And in the characteristic nature of the Siberian Husky, he even gives a protest-howl. Maybe this dog needs some stimulating games to play, or a challenging puzzle toy. Good thing we have both! Check out our guide to brain games here and our comprehensive list of fantastic puzzle toys here.



Or, if you really want a challenge for both you and your dog, you could get involved in the very exciting world of dog sports. Whether it's agility or obedience, there's something for everyone.

Learn more about agility below.


Looking to celebrate the mischievous and outgoing Husky in your life? Check out our Siberian Husky specific-products on the AKC Shop. We also have toys, collars, dog bowls, and more. You'll be able to find something you and your dog will love, we guarantee it!
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Training with Treats

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