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Who hasn't fought with a brother or sister? Apparently bumping heads with siblings isn't unique to humans, as these two Siberian Huskies show by getting into a hilarious back-and-forth argument.

The conversation starts with an innocent “hey you” from Laika begging her sister to come play — don't worry if you don't speak Husky, the owners have provided their own translation in subtitles. But her sister, Mishka, is having none of it and just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet. The argument heats up as Laika refuses take her sister's no's as an answer and the Huskies howl back and forth. “How about now?” Laika continues to beg as Mishka answers with a loud “NOOOO!”

Although Mishka got her way today, it seems that there are no hard feelings between the two as Laika cries “I love you” and they are seen playing together in the owners' other videos.

Watch their funny argument here:



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