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This Miniature Schnauzer seems to be embracing his connection to the wolf as he howls off into the night. The little guy runs around the room, howling as he sees fit, lifting his head up as if he was indeed, a wolf crying up at the full moon.

And we're not surprised, Miniature Schnauzers are known for being home and family oriented, as well as making great watchdogs. This guy is certainly on the lookout.

Check him out.


He's really letting it all out. It almost sounds like a perfect “AROOOOOOO!”

Why do dogs howl? Howling is a primal reaction, and dogs howl for a number of specific reasons to try and communicate with you and other dogs around him. More or less, it's just a dog thing. Learn more about why dogs howl, here.

And while this Miniature Schnauzer is singing his heart out, we've got another little pup, named Chumpie, who is basically training for a marathon.What do we mean by that? You'll just have to watch the video to find out.


See what we mean now? Chumpie is testing his speed and endurance as he flies, running in circles around the backyard. This pup is running faster than we probably ever could and as the rate he's going, we bet he could run any type of race in no time.

This super speed running is often affectionately refered to as “zoomies,” although many owners have different names for it. Why do dogs go off running in such a hurry like this? Find out, here.

Want to put your dog's zooming energy to good use? You might want to consider a sport the two of you can do together, like obedience or agility. These different sports help you better the bond with your dog and give your pup an opportunity to let loose and expend all that energy! Sound like the best of both worlds? We think so!Get a feel for the wonderful world of obedience in the video below.
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