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keeping your dog cool

As we celebrate the first day of summer, it’s important to keep our canine companions in mind, especially when the weather gets hot and steamy. Don’t sweat it — we’ve got what you need to help your dog stay cool and comfortable.

Cool Pup Portable Bowl

This bowl folds into a pouch and has a removable freezer pack that will keep your dog’s drinking water cold for hours. It’s easy to pack for any sort of adventure.

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Cooling Vest

The perfect accessory for outdoor activities. No freezing required: just wet with cold water, wring it out, and it’s ready for your dog to wear.

Pool Float

What better way to keep cool than by floating lazily in the pool? Made of paw and claw-resistant fabric, this float comes in two sizes, so every dog can enjoy a day on the water.

Ice Ball Dog Toy & Flying Ice Disc Dog Toy

These toys are made for summer fun. Fill them with water and freeze for your dog to play the coolest game of fetch or tug-of-war ever!

Cooling System for Crate Fans

As an add-on to the ProSelect crate fan, this cold cartridge will boost the cooling power to keep your dog comfortable on summer’s hottest days.

Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

Now, your dog can have fresh water whenever he wants it — just by stepping on a pedal! Talk about a functional way to entertain your pup.

Cooling Pad for Dogs

No one likes a hot, sweaty bed, including your dog. This tufted pad has a cooling gel layer to make nap time more enjoyable. You can even use it as a home or travel bed.

Swimming Pool

This foldable doggie pool is large enough for big dogs and doesn’t require inflation; it sets up and collapses easily. There might just be enough room for a human, too.
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