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Tracy may have been down on her luck, but when she saw a dog owner in need, she put her own problems aside to help a stranger. That kindness earned her a ticket home to spend the holidays with her family.

The woman, whose last name was not given, had moved from Ohio to North Carolina and found herself homeless and unable to afford a return ticket, WECT reported. She had set up a tent in the woods as makeshift living quarters.

While in the woods, she came upon a couple, Chris and Trish Meek, desperately searching for their lost dog, Chubbs. Tracy comforted Trish, who was in tears, and helped the couple search the area. At the end of the day, she promised she’d continue looking for him. “I do unto others as I want done unto me. If my dog was out running around, I would hope someone would help me,” Tracy said.

The Meeks eventually found Chubbs but were so touched by Tracy’s kindness and saddened by her situation that they decided to help her get home for the holidays.

Shortly afterward, Trish and Chubbs returned to the woods and informed Tracy that they had set up a GoFundMe account and raised enough money to buy her a ticket to Ohio. Trish also purchased her a suitcase and gave her socks and other supplies. “We want you back with your family just like you brought Chubbs back to us,” Trish told her.

Tracy, who was overcome with emotion from the kind gesture, plans to “pay it forward” to another in need when she is back in Ohio with her grandkids.

“My faith is restored in humanity,” she told WECT.

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