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A woman named Maria went away for seven months and when she returned, her Golden Retriever, Sandy, welcomed her home in a fashion that anyone would be in tears over.

From the moment Sandy walked through the doorway, he knew something was up.

Watch the sweet welcome home below as Sandy fanatically runs around the house trying to find his long-lost best friend.


Golden Retrievers are known for being exuberant and devoted companions, which helps make them one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Want to know more about this breed? You can learn about the Golden Retriever here. If you think this is the right breed for you, talk to Golden Retriever breeders on AKC Marketplace.

Nothing like the reunion of two best friends. For more warm fuzzies, check out this German Shepherd welcoming home his Staff Sergeant owner from deployment.

German Shepherd Dogs are intelligent, courageous, and highly-trainable companions. Learn more about the breed here. If you think this breed is right for you, check out the AKC Marketplace for German Shepherd puppies

And to learn more about the lovable Golden Retriever, watch the video below!
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