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Reuben the German Shorthaired Pointer and his owner are playing a mind game. Reuben has to figure out how to move tennis balls in order to retrieve the treats from a cupcake tin. Can he do it?

We think he can! After all, GSPs are known for being smart, friendly, and eager to please. Let's see how Reuben tackles this mind game.

Nice work, Reuben! What a great job. Mind games like these are perfect for challenging your dog and keeping him on his toes. It also helps tire him out! Looking for games to play with your pup? Check out our suggestions, here.

And if you're looking for a challenging puzzle toy, or any other kind of toy that your dog will love, you should check out the AKC Shop. We have interactive toys, fetch toys, and more. You'll find something your dog will love, we're sure of it.

Want to see another adorable GSP? We're sure you do. Check out this little pup, who is learning to use the stairs. The stairs are always a big feat for pups, let's see if Hudson can conquer them.

Awww, Hudson comes so close! It seems he decides that going up the stairs is much more fun than going down. We bet he'll figure it out in no time. Need tips on introducing your dog to strange things, like stairs? Check out our socialization article for some advice.

And if you just can't get enough of adorable GSPs, than you'll love our last video. Hint: IT'S PUPPIES! Playing puppies, of course.
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