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Can dogs cannonball? It seems like this German Shorthaired Pointer has the hang of it. Sam gets a liiiiittle excited about her owner spraying the hose into the pool, and like a rocket, she's off!

Watch her incredible jump in the video below.

Judges… what do you think? We'd give that cannonball a 10/10. Way to go, Sam…if you haven't already, we'd recommend signing up for dock diving. This GSP would definitely be a dock diving force to be reckoned with. Learn more about getting involved in this growing canine sport, here.

While swimming and jumping are two of Sam's favorite things, another of our GSP friends (a 4-month old pup named Allie) is more about the fetch-life.

Allie's owner throws the ball, and just like Sam in the pool, she's off like a rocket.

Watch her adorable enthusiasm as she goes off after the ball. (To make it even better, the video is in slow-mo!)

So cute! With the slow-mo, you can see Allie's beautiful run and precious, puppy excitement.

Looking for the perfect fetch toy for the pup in your life? The AKC Shop has balls, frisbees, and everything in between. Our dogs give them two paws up. Find the right toy for your dog, here.

As these videos suggest, (and we're sure you already knew) the German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting companion that excels in hunting, pointing, and retrieving, so it's no wonder they made the list of our “10 Dog Breeds with Extraordinary Noses.”

See the other nine “best sniffers” in the video below.
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