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It's rumble time! These two German Shepherd pups are facing off against inanimate household objects (because those are the scariest). Watch as they go head to head against their object. Who will come out victorious? We're betting on the pups!

First up, we have Nova the seven-week-old GSD pup. She's battling a door stop! Get it Nova!


While the door stopper put up a good fight, we think Nova wins this one! Way to go, pupper! Why are dogs so fascinated with things like door stoppers? It's a good question that we may never know the answer to! What we do know, is that Nova is adorable as she plays and nips at the stopper. Looks like she might need some special teething toys!

Next up, we have Bouncer! This GSD pup has a perfect name to go with her video. Here she chases and tries to catch a giant fitness ball. It's a difficult task, but this girl uses her herding instincts to corral the ball.

Watch below.


Nice job Bouncer! If one thing's for sure, it's that these GSD pups have a TON of energy. They're so excited, full of life, and happy. Need to tire out your energetic dog? Check out these great ideas!

And if you want a way to use your dog's energy and utilize insinct, get involved in herding!


Learn more about herding here.


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