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We love the Olympics (almost as much as we love AKC Events!). So we felt it only fitting to share with all of you these “action shots” of one of the “grey-tist Olympians” of all time, Nigel Buggers.

Check it out: Men's 100M—you can see Nigel dashing across the finish line, way ahead of the rest:



Here's Nigel dominating from the diving platform.
After all that tumbling, Nigel stopped to strike a pose wit his own personal medal (Kong toy)…naturally the girls loved it so much they followed his lead.


10/10 for that PERFECTLY synchronized paw point.

Nigel at the center of a dog pile (pun intended) after a big W with all the gals. What a lucky guy!

Nigel's “photos” have been floating around the social media sphere for quite some time, and are loved by many. All joking and photoshopping aside, Nigel's owner L. Neil Brogan wanted to share these lovely words about his beloved Greyhound

“Nigel was very well-known in the greyhound community, and eventually became known to millions of dog lovers as the mascot of Life With Dogs, the website that I founded. You can see many of his pictures here.

Nigel passed away at the age of 13 after living a full, peaceful, happy existence. We were kindred spirits. He inspired my initial interest in, and subsequent mastery of Photoshop, and his presence is missed dearly by all who knew him. As outlandish as these images may seem, greyhounds are remarkable athletes, and I have created these images in an attempt to convey their quirky, playful nature. Wherever greyhounds go, fun is sure to follow!”

Thank you, Mr. Brogan for sharing your special gift with all of us. Nigel brought huge smiles to our faces, and is surely missed.
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