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This Great Dane, for reasons unknown, is determined to curl up and sleep in a very small bed that typically houses his Chihuahua companion. It seems like he is living by the motto: “if I fits, I sits.” Which is pretty self-explanatory. If he fits in the bed, he's going to sit in the bed.

Watch as he curls up (the best he can) and plops himself down in this bed that's clearly too small.

How adorable is that?! And quite a feat, too. Male Great Dane's are typically 32 inches tall (or more) at the shoulder. That's a big dog, fitting in a very small bed. Why does he decide this is the bed for him? We don't know. But, he doesn't seem to mind hanging off of it a little bit.

Perhaps his owner should look for a bed that's a little more “Great Dane-sized,” although knowing dogs, he'd probably prefer the small one. Regardless, the AKC Shop has a range of sizes and types of beds, perfect for even the most particular dog. We're sure you'll find one your dog will love, or in this case, one for the Chihuahua who lost his bed.

And while all dogs love a good nap (like that Great Dane), they also love to work and serve their families, especially if that's what they were bred to do.

Take George, for example. He serves as a service dog for Bella Burton, and received the AKC Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence in 2015. Learn more about George and all the ways he helps Bella in the video below.

Such an amazing and heart-warming story. We're so glad that Bella and George have each other.

Think your friendly, patient, and dependable Great Dane (or any dog) might have what it takes to be a service dog or even a therapy dog? A great way to get started in training is with Canine Good Citizen. These basics will continue to serve your dog in whatever he goes on to do, whether working or just hanging out at home. Check out how CGC works in this video.
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