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intelligent golden hero

Anyone who knows Golden Retrievers can admit that there are so many out there who are smarter than we are. Service dogs, search and rescue dogs, alert dogs, even just your companion Golden…they’re simply brilliant.

And while there’s nothing to suggest that wearing glasses makes you smarter (especially for dogs), you have to admit that they do give us a certain studious look. For some reason, when we think of, college professors, for example, many times we think of a pensive looking person, wearing glasses and gazing off into the distance.

So are these 15 Goldens smarter than you? We have to admit that we actually don’t know, but they sure do look extremely intelligent. Check them out.

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This Golden nugget sure looks intelligent and he also has a great smile. Somebody’s been keeping up on his teeth brushing.

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Smooth, smart, and suave, meet Tiaki. He is rockin’ these glasses and has dirt on his tongue. But he’s a dog, what’s he gonna do?

A post shared by Zodiac (@zgoldenretriever) on

Zodiac may look like a Golden-professor, but really he’s just trying to watch TV. Why do you have to disturb him?

A post shared by Sandy Gorcheck ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ (@sandy.gorcheck) on

This Golden is so studious that he fell asleep while reading. It’s okay Mr. Pup, we’ve all been there.

Willow has a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Ask her anything and she’ll give you some sage advice.

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This dog may be Golden, but red is very clearly his color.

A post shared by Christina Tex (@christinatex) on

Watch out everyone, Max doesn’t just have the glasses, but the bow tie to go with them.

A post shared by I Love Golden Retrievers (@ilovegolden_retrievers) on

“Sir, I need that report on my desk by Friday.”

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This little guy is only a pup, but he’s already on his way to becoming a dog genius. Just look at him!

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“This is the Golden Retriever secret service. We don’t mess around.”

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“Me: an intellectual.” If you need Flora, she’ll be busy looking for the meaning of life.

A post shared by House of Hounds (@eaphouseofhounds) on

Kiki may look like Einstein, but really he just wants to dig in this dirt.

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“I can play ball and wear these glasses…AT THE SAME TIME!”

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