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When most dogs get a squeaky toy, they scoop it up in their mouth and squeak away. But not this Golden Retriever.

Ludwig has a very unusual way of squeaking his toys. It's hilarious, and also adorable.

Watch below.

Now, you can't tell us that he didn't make you laugh. Such a lazy way to play. Why squeak the toys in your mouth when you can just roll over them? Good question, Ludwig.

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Want to see another Golden having the time of his life? We know you do.

This pup is enjoying a foot of fresh snow. There's nothing better when you're a dog.

How cute and playful is this guy?! We wish we had the same enthusiasm every time it snowed.

Need tips to keep your dog safe in the winter weather? Check out our advice here.

And one last video for your enjoyment…here's another Golden that loves snow. He and his Clumber Spaniel friend are having a grand ol' time.
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