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This Golden Retriever puppy is just innocently playing in the yard with her toy. She's romping around, toy in her mouth, having a grand ol' time. You would never suspect that this little bundle of fur would suddenly go in for a sneak attack.

Watch this pup ambush the camera that's filming her. It's the cutest and gentlest ambush we've ever seen.


How precious is Sunny the Golden? She has such spunk and curiosity. And it's this curiosity, of course, that led her to jump on the Go Pro camera. She just jumps in, paws first, out of nowhere…gives the camera a good sniff, and then seems to decide that her toy is probably more interesting.

We'd have to agree. Who doesn't love a good toy? Like the ones on the AKC Shop! Whether your dog is interested in tug toys, interactive toys, or something else entirely, the AKC Shop has something for every pup. Check out the play section for all your toy needs and while you're there, you might want to pick up a little Golden Retriever merchandise for yourself as well!

Want to see another video of silly Golden Retriever antics? We thought so. This Golden is having a fantastic bath time. He might not be getting super clean, but he's having fun!


What a goofball! He'd much rather chomp and drink the water than anything else. He's certainly a water dog at heart. Need tips to convince your dog the bathtub is a fun and exciting place? Check out our tips on bathing your dog, here.

And if your dog is a water lover like this guy, you should consider getting involved in dock diving! This fast-growing dog sport is a great way to bond with your pup. As an added bonus, it's great exercise and fun to boot! Learn more about getting started in the video below.
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