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We've all seen the creative ways parents-to-be document their “before baby” experiences with adorable and beautiful maternity shoots.

Kennedy Sorensen had a similar idea. But this was no ordinary maternity photo shoot.

Take a look:





Meet future paw-rents Chanel and LeeRoy, who are both Golden Retrievers. After Sorensen had the idea to take pictures of Chanel before she has her puppies, she invited Amy Rients and her dog, the father, LeeRoy.

Can you imagine anything cuter? And major props to Amy Rients for taking such great photos and getting the dogs to pose so perfectly.

Two paws up everyone! Can't wait to see your puppies!

With the photoshoot taken last week, the puppies should be here any day now!

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And for tips about how to photograph your pup like a pro, check out this article!
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