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We're here to tell you a story of Golden Retriever love. And trust us—it's a good one.

Our story begins with a Golden Retriever and a cat. A strange pairing? At least that's what you would think. But in this case, it's a pair filled with sweetness and cuddles.

Take a look.

Is that not the cutest scene you've ever witnessed? These two are clearly a love-match made in heaven. We're sure that they spend their days doing what dogs and cats do: snuggle and sleep. Ah, what a life that must be.

How did these two come to be so friendly? Amiable personalities is part of it, but also they probably had proper socialization that facilitated their friendship. Check out our tips on socialization, here.

For the second part of our story, we transition to two Golden Retrievers sisters. One a full-grown dog, the other still a young pup. These sisters are just hanging around, like sisters do, but the pup is intent on showing her love.

Watch what she does.

How cute is that? Just a little sisterly, puppy love.

Why do dogs lick each other's faces, like this pup does to her sister? It's not just love (although we'd like to think it is sometimes). Find out the real reason why, here.

And finally, we conclude our love story with a Golden puppy party.

Check it out. It will put a smile on your face, we guarantee it.

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