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This Golden Retriever is getting a face massage from her owner. And man, she is LOVING IT. There's nothing dogs love more than getting a good scratch in just the right place.

Watch Idgie Ruth (yes that's her name!) as she gets the massage of a lifetime.

How adorable is this? Maybe Idgie's owner should go into pet massage therapy! And if you're concerned about Idgie showing her teeth…don't worry! Her owner says:

“Any time we massage or scratch Idgie Ruth around her snout, she breaks out into the biggest grin! Some have mistaken her goofy grin as a sign of aggression, but that couldn't be further from the truth. While she is showing her teeth, she is simply smiling because being scratched feels so good!”

No worries here! Idgie just can't help but make that silly face when she gets a massage. Find out more about dog body language here.

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And while Idgie is relaxing with a massage, Shadow the Golden Retriever is lounging in the pool. He's all about taking a nice nap on his pool float…but his brother, Major, keeps barking! How rude!

That pool looks like a lovely place to just float around. Shadow certainly seems to be enjoying himself. Want to get your dog ready for swimming weather? Check out our swimming tips, here.

If your dog is already an expert in swimming, you might want to try dock diving. It's a great way to bond with your dog and keep him active. Learn more about getting started in the video below.
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