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Being a puppy is hard work. So much to see, taste, smell… so many new people, new environments, and of course, new toys.

We can't blame a pup, therefore, for getting a little confused. Like this Golden Retriever, for example.

He sees a baby carrot on the floor, but isn't sure if he should try eating it… or playing with it. It's one of those hard puppy decisions in life.

In the end, it seems like he decided that playing with the carrot was his best bet. His little puppy friend on the other hand, discovered that a carrot can be a great crunchy snack.

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And while this puppy is a little confused, this other Golden knows exactly what's going on.

He's getting a bath… and loving it. This guy is getting a full-body shampoo massage and is so relaxed, he's almost asleep. Take a look.

We could use a massage like that!

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Looking for more healthy treat ideas for your pup? Check out the Apple Pretzel Recipe video below.
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