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Quincy the Golden Retriever is the friendly neighborhood delivery-dog for the people in Boulder, Colo. Every morning Quincy and his owner Paul Goldan wake up early and head out to make sure newspapers are delivered.

Technically, the paper has already been delivered. But Quincy and Goldan make sure the paper is easily accessible for all, by bringing it right to each house's front door.

Quincy and Goldan have been delivering papers for 11 years and they've become a welcome sight to everyone in the neighborhood.

Just like the Postal Service, Quincy operates in rain, shine, or snow. He even can find the paper better than his owner when it snows, Goldan said.

Quincy is, in fact, the second Golden Retriever from the Goldan family to be designated a newspaper delivery-dog.

“To some extent it's fun to train [the dog] and to see how fast they respond, but more important for me, it's just nice to give to your neighbors,” Goldan told NBC.

That's some impressive training! Way to go Quincy!

See Quincy and Goldan's daily routine in the video below.


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