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If you share your life with a dog that can take up half the bed, eats more than the average teenager, and whose head is larger than the body of some toy breeds, you know he needs gear suitable just for him. The holidays are upon us, and who deserves to be showered with gifts more than your super-sized canine pal? We've assembled a collection of toys, treats, and gear just right for big dogs everywhere. Bring on some BIG holiday cheer!


Gifts for Big Dogs

Christmas Gift Pack

gift pack

Make all your dog's Christmas wishes come true with this gift pack for large dogs. From Great Danes to Newfoundlands and every other big dog, they'll love the gingerbread-flavored treats and sturdy tug toy. They even get their own personalized Christmas stocking!

Soft Rubber Squeaker Ball with Nubs

rubber squeaker ball

At over eight inches in diameter, this 100 percent natural, non-toxic rubber squeaker ball is perfect for the largest of dogs, from Great Danes to Great Pyrenees.

Treat Dispensing Giggle Ball

treat ball

It rolls, it “giggles,” and the tough polycarbonate it's made of can stand up to play with the biggest dogs. Fill it with treats to add hours of entertainment.

Outlast Dog Bed

dog bed

If it's good enough for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it's good enough for your dog. Temperature and moisture control keep him cool and comfortable. And it comes in large and extra-large sizes, up to 42 inches long. Bonus: Maybe it'll keep him out of your bed.

Rubber Stick Dog Toy

rubber stick

For your retrieving, sporting, or hunting dog, what's better than a game of fetch? This non-toxic rubber stick toy won't splinter and will outlast any real stick. It's hefty enough to throw a good distance, and bright colors make it easy to find.

Insect Shield Cargo Cover

insect shield

Have you ever had a big, dirty wet dog jump into the way-back? Then you'll love this large cargo cover for most SUVs and station wagons. Better yet, it's insect-repelling, so whatever pests are traveling with him won't make it back into the house.

Organic Moisturizing Paw Rescue Balm

paw balm

Those big paws can get dry, cracked, or damaged by rough terrain. Soothe, heal, and moisturize his paws with organic, safe Paw Rescue Balm. Your dog will thank you!
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