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They're a versatile sporting dog breed, retrievers on land or water, but most importantly they're the most affectionate of companions. They're easy to look after but they need plenty of vigorous exercise. Once you give them the challenges they craves they'll be your best four-legged friend.

Of course owners of German shorthaired pointers know this breed inside out. Here's ten facts that owners will recognize.

1. These striking dogs can do it all. Not only that but they've boundless energy and they can keep going, and going, and going.

2. These adorable pups have strong retriever instincts. It's best to leave some toys around the house so they have something to present to you when you get home. Remember to say “Thank you.”

3. Well they have you covered…with hair that is. If you're wearing white they'll manage to get their brown hair on you. If you're wearing dark colors they'll get their white hairs on you. You can't win.

4. These dogs are Velcro companions. They literally won't be apart from you…down to sitting on your lap. Size is no object.

5. The movement of this pup's tail can tell tall tales! From forlorn to pure joy and excitement.

6. Food is the ultimate reward for German shorthaired pointers. Counter-surfing, also known as sniffing about, is a high-risk, high-gain sport. for this pup.

They also have relentless internal clocks and they'll let you know exactly when it's dinner time. You will be helpless to resist..see number seven.

7. Look at that pout.

“I need something. Now, please.”

8. There are two standard sleeping positions for the German shorthaired pointers.

There's the “ball.”

And then the “starfish.”..Not so elegant.

9. They've got mad style. They look good in pretty much anything. It's all about attitude.

10. Then of course there's one thing that all German shorthaired pointer owners can agree on. The puppies are the cutest puppies in the world.

*Featuring AKC Canine Health Foundation staff dog, Felton (CH Summertime's Smooth Sailing CD RE JH AX AXJ CA).
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