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This German Shepherd is still just a wee little pup, but she's already showing her smarts. She may get a little confused through the process, but for the most part, she's got her basics down pat.

Check her out!

We counted five great tricks from this GSD! She knows sit, roll over, high five, down, and spin. Those are some impressive tricks for such a little pup!

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While that little pup is off practicing her tricks, Maximus the GSD is practicing his howl.

All his owner had to do was start singing in the shower and Maximus was ready to join in.

Watch below.

Clearly Maximus is not impressed with his owner's voice and has to show him up. Why do dogs howl anyway? Find out here.

And if you need just one more adorable GSD video, we've got you covered. Even better….it's a German Shepherd compilation video! Enjoy.
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