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It's so great to come home after being away and have your dog there to greet you. This German Shepherd's owner has been away for three weeks. Saying he's excited to see her might be an understatement.

Watch their adorable reunion below.

Rambo can barely contain his excitement…and then when his owner walks through the door, forget about it! He loses his mind; he's ecstatic.

Nothing better than the bond between dog and owner. Want to make yours even better? Give dog sports a try! Learn more from fellow dog owners, here and here.

Want to see another cute German Shepherd? Check out this little pup who is overcoming a great feat.

Way to go pup! Carrying that newspaper was so difficult, but you did it!

Think your dog could learn to pick up the newspaper? Check out our guide to teaching your dog tricks to get started.

And for even more training help, we've got DVDs and books on the AKC Shop!
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