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How does your dog feel about being groomed? Maybe he loves it, or maybe he needs some help getting used to it… or maybe, he makes silly faces while being brushed!

We know one dog who definitely falls into the last category. Jax the German Shepherd is thoroughly enjoying being brushed by his owner. And he makes the most adorable faces during it. Check them out.

That tongue hanging out, too cute!

Want to learn how best to groom your GSD? Learn our six best practices here.

And for another dog who's enjoying getting clean… we have Kaiser!

Although, it looks like Kaiser's bath time might be a little less “getting clean” and a little more play time. But we're not complaining, he's having a great time!

Jax and Kaiser certainly know what's up when it comes to staying healthy AND enjoying life! Learn more about keeping your German Shepherd in tip-top shape here.

More than just another pretty face, German Shepherd Dogs have got the brains and the brawn! Check out more of the smartest dog breeds in the video below.
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