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Don't you hate when you open an egg carton only to discover that one of the eggs is cracked? Maybe you should entrust your eggs to this German Shepherd instead…

Why would you entrust your eggs to a dog? Seems like a ludicrous idea, right? Well, you might change your mind when you see this video!


Pretty impressive! This GSD holds that egg gently in his mouth, no problem. When the owner takes the egg back, not a single crack. He may be a big dog, but this pup is certainly a gentle giant. His owner must be working on a lot of training to pull off this unusual trick.

Want to teach your dog some tricks that will be fun to show off? These may not be as unique as your dog holding an egg in his mouth, but they're still guaranteed to impress. Learn more about trick training, here.

And if you weren't in awe of the GSD in the first video, wait until you see the next one. This dog also knows a special (and helpful) trick!

Check it out.


Wow! Not only does this dog retrieve a water bottle for his owner, but he goes through the doggy door, into the pantry, opens the pantry door, and brings back the water. That's a complicated trick with a lot of different parts, but this German Shepherd does it with ease. No wonder GSD's are used so often as police and service dogs.

With the smarts displayed by these two dogs, they better have their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate. We're sure they would pass the test with ease. This test reinforces the basics of behavior training and helps you teach your dog to be a well-mannered companion. Interested in putting your dog to the test? Learn more about CGC in the video below.
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