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There's nothing better than lounging and playing in the pool on a beautiful day. Sometimes, you even get so absorbed in lounging (or had too much fun playing), that you can't move. You don't want to get up, so you just lay there, and let your fingers and toes get all pruney. Right, Major?

Major the German Shepherd Dog has had a day full of pool activities and now he's just exhausted. He's curled up on the steps of the pool and isn't going to move. He's so tired, he even has his head resting on the edge of the pool. See for yourself.

Silly Major! It must have been some pool play session to get him so exhausted. But it's OK, exercise is great for a healthy and happy dog. Check out our ideas (other than a pool party) to break a sweat with your canine companion.

And while Major is just plain exhausted, this German Shepherd has all the energy in the world. “It's playtime!” she says, as she rushes around the room trying to rouse her owner. It's adorable and filled with some barking.

Seems like someone has a classic case of the zoomies! Why do dogs get the zoomies anyway? Find out here.

Looking for a way to channel all of your dog's super energy? You might want to consider dog sports. These events, like agility, herding, and dock diving, are great opportunities to bond with your dog, as well as fantastic exercise.

Get a feel for agility in the video below.
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