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This Frenchie pup is just learning to talk. He starts a conversation with his owner and once he gets those little pipes going, he just doesn't stop. It's too cute for words.

Check it out.


Is that not adorable? He definitely has that very distinct “Frenchie voice.” We wonder what he's saying. “Pet me!” perhaps? How could you resist that little puppy belly and perfect Frenchie bat ears? Little Jim has such personality for such a small pup; he's already showing the affectionate and playful characteristics of his breed.

Have a dog who loves to talk, like Jim? Teach him to speak on command! Find out how, here.

And while Jim is off talking away, another Frenchie pup is enjoying some belly scratches and rolls on the bed. You know, just some of the best parts of puppy life. He's a precious little angel; we just want to snuggle him!



Ah, to have the life of a puppy. Such a life of luxury…sleeping, playing, eating, it's all good. Did you know that puppies like this one often sleep 15-to-20 hours a day? That's a lot of puppy snoozing. Learn more about puppy sleep habits, here.

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