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There's nothing more fun than opening gifts during the holidays. Some dogs (like this Frenchie!) like to get in on the fun too.

Flo is a gift opener extraordinaire. She's not shy about holding down the present and ripping the paper to find out what's inside. She's even willing to help her family with their gifts. Watch below.

Look at Flo go!

Is it OK for dogs to open their own gifts? Well, it really depends on the dog and owner. Clearly, it's OK for Flo and her owner.

Learn more about that here.

Want to see more Frenchie fun? Or in the case of this next video…Frenchie sleepiness!

An unusual song is guaranteed to put Ungdee right to sleep. What is it? You'll have to watch to find out.

Seems like even dogs like Harry Potter! Or at least, they can fall asleep to the music.

Why do dogs sleep so much? We've got the answers.

We also have more dogs opening gifts for the holidays. Enjoy.
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