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Anyone who knows cats knows that they love cardboard boxes. The way this Frenchie acts, you might think he's a cat. Just like a cat would, this pupper hangs out in a cardboard box staring into space and pondering life.

What do you think he's thinking about?

What a cutie! He even circles around, investigating the box, just like a cat. Who said doggos couldn't like boxes too?!

If this Frenchie likes boxes so much, maybe he and his owner can learn some tricks with them. Check out these box-related tricks to teach your dog.

And while that Frenchie is just hanging, Zelma is howling about the lack of treats in her house. Completely unacceptable, she says. Watch her fevrent (and adorable) protests below.

She certainly has a lot to say about this issue. Treats are important, we're not denying it. Why do doggos howl like this? Find out, here.

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Need more tips on showing your dog just how much you love him?

Check out the suggestions in this video!
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