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Is your dog a talker? Some dogs are more talkative than others. Some bark at everything, some hardly ever make a sound. Some don't even bark, they yodel (Basenji's are known for their yodel.)

This Samoyed is very talkative. She loves to sing, whether because she wants to go outside, wants to play, or is just happy to see her owner!

Listen to her angelic voice in the video below.

Isn't her howl perfect? She's got quite the voice and she loves to use it. Did you know there are a variety of different reasons why dogs howl? It's true. Learn the reasons here.

And while that Sammy is howling to show her owner love, Phoebe is more of a hugger. She puts her paws up to her owner while he sits in a chair and gets right in there for a hug. It's unbelievably adorable. Make sure you look out for that classic Sammy smile in this video.

How cute is Phoebe? Such a great bond with her owner.

Looking to better the bond with your dog? Or maybe just get out together and have some fun? You should check out AKC events like agility, obedience, and more. These events are a great bonding experience for dogs and owners and they keep a working dog, like a Samoyed, challenged and active. Learn more about different canine sports and events, here.

And see more about one of the most popular canine sports, agility, in the video below.
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