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Memorial Day Weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. There were barbecues, pool parties, and plenty of adorable dog Instagram posts to keep us occupied. Our favorite social media stars definitely enjoyed the long holiday, whether frolicking in the water or savoring a refreshing treat. Check out some of the highlights below.

For Molly the Newfie and crew, they did what Newfoundlands do best…

As superior water dogs, many Newfies, like Boomer above, are trained for water rescue. Just look at him go!

But after all that hard work, there was still time for some good ole fashioned water fun.

Sunrise on the lake. Best way to spend today 💙

A post shared by MOLLY | LADY | BOOMER |DUKE (@mollythenewfie) on

Drewbert the Pembroke Welsh Corgi also made sure to get in a cool dip or two. He’s really rocking that life jacket!

Kicking off the summer pool season! #Drewbert #Swimbert #corgi #mdw

A post shared by Drewbert and Mona (@drewbertcorgi) on

What was our friend Norman the Golden Retriever up to this week? Well, it certainly wasn’t his normal TV watching. Instead, Norm went exploring.

All that adorableness can really tire a guy out. Time for a nap in the grass.

Meanwhile, Raphael the Pug followed Norm’s lead and soaked up some sun.

After lounging came playtime. Unfortunately for Raphael, he had to work to get his bunny toy off the bed … and keep it away from his pal!

Getting to Friday like…

A post shared by Raphael & Leonardo 🐾🐢 (@raphaelthepug) on

Thank goodness for Pug persistence.

Dachshunds Winston, Finley, and Theodore had a ball snacking on some delicious watermelon (with owner supervision, of course).

And posed in some patriotic shades.

Our favorite service-Shiba, Chiyo, donned an American flag bandana in honor of Memorial Day.

And the Green Valley Aussies honored the men and women who have fought and lost their lives for our country.

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