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After a week full of celebration and excitement, the dogs of Instagram took this week to indulge in some much-needed R&R — for the most part. They got back into their normal routines of enjoying the weather, playing with toys, and, of course, napping. Check out some of our favorite snapshots below!

For Rosie the Old English Sheepdog, she spent the last few days doing what she does best. As it says in her Instagram bio, that’s bringing peace, love, and happiness to everyone around her. And we think she did an excellent job.

Booties, a bandana, AND a hair bow? A slow-motion running video only adds to the adorableness.

Who wants to spend time being uncomfortable? Not this dog. It may take awhile, but she always finds the perfect spot in her bed.

Rosie’s motto? “When in doubt, tongue out.” There’s no better way to spend your week then lounging with a toy — in the grass — looking as cute as this.

Finally, Rosie asked, “Why have small toys when you can have big ones?”

For Sergeant the Bulldog, he was focused on only one thing this week. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

Sunday hangin around 🐶👌 #peekaboo

A post shared by 🐶🐾 SERGEANT 🐾🐶 (@sgt_bulldog) on

Yup, you guessed it. Sarge is all about nap time. And he’s happy to do it anytime, anywhere.

Like on this lawn chair, for example.

Baked ☀️ #welldone

A post shared by 🐶🐾 SERGEANT 🐾🐶 (@sgt_bulldog) on

If the weather is good, you might as well enjoy it!

For Bonnie the GSP, on the other hand, this was a week of balance. First, she relaxed and snuggled up in some very comfy-looking blankets.

Too early. See you on the mañana 😴

A post shared by Bonnie (@bonnie_gsp) on

Then, she let her silly side show.

Monday, ima stick my tongue out at you 👅 #ha😡

A post shared by Bonnie (@bonnie_gsp) on

And finally, she did what GSPs do best…fetch and retrieve! Look at that determination.

How about the Weimaraners of @frametheweim? What were they up to? The better question is what weren’t they up to!

The gang tried out some dog yoga, or “doga,” as it’s often called.

Excuse me sir… what are you looking at?

A post shared by Brego, Nami & our little Jedi (@frametheweim) on

They paused for a picturesque moment on the beach.

All goes left. 👈🏻

A post shared by Brego, Nami & our little Jedi (@frametheweim) on

And finally, they saw ghosts?! Or at least something strange enough to inspire this face…

Sometimes we wonder what dogs see that we can’t.

While the rest of our canine friends took it easy, Loki and Styx, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers took things to new heights (literally). Styx competed in a frisbee competition with his owners.

Look at that skill!

But post-competition, the Tollers enjoyed some downtime.

A wet dog is a happy dog.

Happyyyyyy FriYay!! 😁 .

A post shared by Loki & Styx the Tollers (@loki_and_styx) on

Mud doesn’t bother Styx one bit.

I love mud pools 😍 Who is with me? 🙌 #notloki – ✏ Styx .

A post shared by Loki & Styx the Tollers (@loki_and_styx) on

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